Only at Eagle Ridge Barn Builders! OVERSIZED 80" tall doors

4" Roof Overhang on each end

4x6 Pressure Treated Runners

2x6 Pressure Treated Floor Joists every 16 inches

3/4" Sanded Plywood Floor

2x4 Premium Wall Studs every 16 in

3/8" Smart Panel Siding with 50 year warranty

2x10 Premium Pine Top Plate the length of the shed (VERY STRONG!)

2x4 Premium Roof Trusses every 16 inches

7/16" Engineered OSB 4x8 Roof Decking

40 Year Metal Roof (your color choice)

Glidden Paint (your color choices)

 All nail holes and siding seams are caulked before painting to ensure your new shed is water proof and built to last.

We use rollers to put the paint on by hand to ensure maximum coverage and durability. No worries of over-spray on your home or belongings! 

The Front Entry Lofted Barn comes standard with a wrap-around loft for almost double the storage space.


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